Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog # 1 Languages

My first Language my mother taught me was Spanish. While I was growing up as a child, in school I learned how to speak and write english, as my second language. Learning english plays a big role in my life because it is important to communicate with others around my community. At home I mostly speak english with my relatives, although they'll respond to me in spanish. Speaking spanish is easy but learning how to write formal spanish can be difficult sometimes. Through out my school year, I only been in english classes. Other languages I'm learning to speak are Portuguese and Japanese. Portuguese is easy to learn because is mix with spanish words. For example in spanish beautiful day is "Bello dia" and in Portuguese is "Belo dia." Learning Japanese can be difficult. I would like to study how to speak and write Japanese because in the future I want to travel and study Japan. I prefer to read books and read things on social networks in english because it is easier for me to understand. I like to help people that don't or understand english.


  1. Wow, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Japanese - you will be multilingual!

  2. I envy you Hennedey! Can you teach me some spanish sentences to communicate with my neighbor? And if it's possible I'd like to travel Japan with you! Are interested in Japanese movies or dramas? I love it! I think we could watch it together! Thanks for sharing your story with me, Hennedey!