Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things that symbolize American's culture.

Taco Bell is one of America's favorite fast food chain. Taco Bell was found on March 21, 1962. Taco Bell serves food in Mexican style. For example, they serve nachos, quesadillas, taco and burritos.

Learn more about Taco Bell's history
Most American thinks Taco Bell is good and others thinks they are bad for our health.
For example :



This man you see here, he's holding up a poster that says "I don't want Taco Bell."
Taco Bell also has less expensive food that are available & quick to make for customers.

As you can see a lot of people enjoys eating Taco Bell :)



  1. It's true - Taco Bell is a fast food industry giant, like McD's is.

  2. Yay! Taco bell, I really love foods in Taco bell! I don't really see Taco bell in NYC, but it is true Taco bell also represents one of popular fast food chains! Cool. I love pictures that you post! Thanks for sharing your idea!

  3. I like Taco Bell restaurents. It is symbol of American culture.

  4. I like this fast food industry. It's really famous and popular fast food. Most of American likes to eat fast food.

  5. I like Taco bell. I even make it myself. Yes, Taco Bell is one of the symbol of america. I don't know why the man mentioned that he didn't like to eat Taco Bell.. He must not say that in public.

  6. I've never seen the Taco Bell in NYC. do you know where is the Taco bell in NYC? I really want to try and taste the Taco bell fast food~~ very good!!

  7. You did a very nice post, but I don't like taco bell. I never ate that.